Version 7.5 release

To be released beginning on October 23, 2019. The release will be published in batches over the space of several days to ensure stability. Consequently, some changes may not appear on your account until after the release date.

The Version 7.5 release includes the following changes and enhancements.

Website builder now a separate module

To help you work faster and more efficiently, we've separated the website builder from the rest of the Wild Apricot backend. 

The separated Website module will be released to clients gradually after one or two weeks of testing to ensure stability.

The Website module is still accessed by clicking the Website menu within admin view, but now all website-related menu options appear only on the Website module. 

As well, all website-related settings are now centralized within the Website module, accessible via a new Settings option, and are no longer accessible via the main Settings screen.

The Changes history link no longer appears on the right side of the screen but still appears on the info window that pops up when you hover over the info icon for a page within the site pages list.

To return to the main admin menu from the Website module, click the Home icon.

Within the Website module, help and support options are grouped under a new Help & support menu.

A separate, self-contained Website module offers a number of advantages, including: 

  • You will experience faster and more stable performance while building your website
  • You won't have to jump between different settings screens, allowing you to focus uninterrupted and undistracted on building your site
  • We can deploy improvements to the website builder faster and with greater stability

A number of improvements to the website builder are on their way, including an overhaul of the way in which you control colors and styles throughout your site.

Print icon restored

The Print icon has been restored. You can use the Print icon to print printer-friendly versions of your Wild Apricot setup screens, as well as various reports, and lists of contacts, members, events, invoices, and payments.

Bug fixes

A number of issues identified by our clients have been fixed, including but not limited to the following:

  • Unable to choose the same start and end date for a poll
  • Poll announcement email not sent
  • QR codes are attached to event confirmation email even if the {QR_Code} macro does not appear in the confirmation email template
  • Unable remove remembered credit card on payment screen
  • Links not displaying properly in member directory
  • Unable to delete archived member 
  • Payment description not shown in transactions list in Stripe
  • Applying for membership from event registration widget returns 404 error
  • Unable to update renewal due date using Contacts API call
  • Unable to open submenu options on a Casefile site using an iPad


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