Version 2.34 release

Released on June 26th, 2008

The version 2.34 release of Wild Apricot includes the following features.

  • New payment option: pay with a credit card right on our servers, without having to redirect to PayPal website.
    • Paypal is still the backend payment processor - this option requires WebSitePaymentsPro (US) account.
    • PayPal does not yet properly support recurring payment for this mode.
  • Members can now subscribe to receive daily or weekly email notifications about forum updates. Subscriptions are available for the whole forum (short summary is emailed) or for a particular topic (all updates are emailed)
  • You can now properly print Wild Apricot webpages (administration ones or public/member pages)
  • Firefox 3 compatibility - we have revised Wild Apricot code to be compatible with the newest Firefox version - 3.0
  • Members can now change from any level to any other level (subject to administrator restrictions - you can specify in each level which one it can be changed to).
  • You can now preset search fields in Member directory page Advanced search mode (uses Saved searches - Members, so it requires Community billing plan and up).
  • You can now search by last renewal date and last level changed date
  • You can now add descriptions to each membership level - these are shown on the level selection page
  • For security reasons member password is blanked out when member welcome email is copied to the administrator


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