Changing the Facebook page preview image

When you post a link on Facebook to a page on your Wild Apricot, Facebook will automatically generate a preview image for your page. If you don't like the image Facebook chooses, you can specify your own.

To specify a single preview image for all the pages on your Wild Apricot site, follow these directions:

  1. Within the Website module, click the Settings menu then choose the Meta-tags option (under Site settings).
  2. Within the Raw Headers field, enter the following code:
    <meta property="og:image" content="image" />
    and replace image with the complete URL of your image. For example:
    <meta property="og:image" content="" />
  3. Save your changes.

To specify a preview image for a particular page on your Wild Apricot site, add this code to the Raw headers field within the page settings for that page. You'll have to uncheck the Use default option to do so.

For instructions on changing the description and other elements that appear on Facebook, click here.


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