Version 7.11 release

To be released beginning on April 23, 2020. The release will be rolled out to groups of accounts over a span of several days. Consequently, some changes may not appear on your account until after the release date.

The Version 7.11 release includes the following changes and enhancements.

COVID-19 email template

We've added an email template you can use to announce the steps your organization is taking to help your members during the COVID-19 crisis.

Bug fixes

A number of issues identified by our clients have been fixed, including but not limited to the following:

  • After loading a page with an upcoming events gadget for a site with a large number of events, the site becomes unavailable
  • Members' file attachments disappearing after being uploaded
  • Issue with merging contacts
  • Registering for another member results in the logged in member being registered


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