Version 2.39 release

Released on February 26th, 2009

The version 2.39 release of Wild Apricot includes the following features.

  • Adding dynamic ("fly-out") menus to most themes
  • Customization of invoice/receipt template text
  • New option for 'insert picture' - thumbnail hyperlinked original
  • PayPal Fraud tools support
  • Options 'Begins with' and 'Ends with' added to Advanced search - Members
  • Account ID display in the backend (please provide it with all future support/billing requests)
  • Ability to update billing details online for all monthly paid Wild Apricot accounts
  • Membership levels are now sorted alphabetically on the member application form (so you can change the sorting by tweaking level names)
  • Event registration types are now sorted alphabetically on the event registration form (so you can change the sorting by tweaking their names)
  • Minor ongoing improvements and bug fixes, including
    • In Member renewal workflow, option to change status to 'Pending Renewal' has been removed since it did not make any sense with the current workflow functionality and was leading to problems for people who chose that option by mistake
    • Ability to change start date for past events
    • Restricted and hidden web pages are no longer shown to admins without web admin role
    • Reply-to name is displayed in outgoing emails (instead of only displaying reply-to email address)
    • Partial refunds processed in your Google Checkout or PayPal account are now properly picked up by Wild Apricot and linked with the original transaction
    • EventID added to Event registration page HTML - so that different CSS customization can be applied to different events if desired


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