One-click checkout

This feature is only available if your WildApricot site is connected to a WildApricot Payments/AffiniPay account.

The one-click checkout feature allows your paying customers to save their credit or debit card details for faster checkouts in the future. Instead of entering their card details again and again, they can pay by choosing a saved card as their payment method.

WildApricot doesn't store the saved card details on our servers or in your database but references the details stored in AffiniPay's secure environment.

To save a credit or debit card for future transactions, the payer enters the card details on the payment screen and then checks the option to Store card details for faster checkouts.

WildApricot will automatically save the card used for recurring membership fees or recurring donations. Payers can remove the card using the instructions below without affecting their recurring payments.

The next time they purchase something from your site, they can pay using any of their stored cards.

Your customers need to be logged in to your WildApricot site in order to access their saved card(s). They should be careful to log out on shared computers. 

Instead of choosing one of their saved cards, the payer can click the Other card option and enter the details for another card, which they can also choose to save for future transactions.

To remove one of the saved cards, users click the Remove link beside the card on the payment screen. 

Removing a saved card has no impact on anyone's recurring payments or recurring donations.


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