Version 7.16 release

To be released beginning on October 15, 2020. The release will be rolled out to groups of accounts over a span of several days. Consequently, some changes may not appear on your account until after the release date.

The Version 7.16 release includes the following changes and enhancements.

Photo album summary gadget

Using the new photo album summary gadget, you can display a collection of photo albums with thumbnail previews for each album.

For example, you could display photo albums from different events held this year.

To view the photos in each album, you click the appropriate album thumbnail.

For more information, see Photo album summary gadget.

Generate renewal invoices for recurring levels

To help clients migrate recurring members when they switch payment systems, you can now enable the generation and emailing of renewal invoices for recurring levels.

When members receive the renewal email, they can click the renewal link to renew their membership and set up recurring payments again without having to log in first.

New email template for updating payment info

If you are migrating recurring members to a new payment system, you can use the new Update payment info email template to alert them to the need to renew their membership and enter their credit card details again.

This template will be available beginning in November of 2020.

Countries added to list on payment screen

  • Haiti
  • Uzbekistan

Bug fixes

A number of issues identified by our clients have been fixed, including but not limited to the following:

  • Advanced search criteria not being applied to filter member directory
  • Selecting folder displays all subfolder pictures for slideshow gadget
  • Donations list not being sorted properly
  • Membership webhook initially identifies new member with a Contact ID of 0.


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