Event registration reports

You can generate the following reports for an event:

  • attendance report
  • event payments report
  • registration fields report

To generate an event report, click the event within the event list, then click the Reports button and select the appropriate option.

To produce your own custom reports, you can export registrant records to Excel by clicking the Export registrants button from the registrants list.

Attendance report

You can generate and print an attendance report that you can use to manually record attendance at the event.

You can then use the completed attendance report as a reference while recording attendance in Wild Apricot. Before generating the report, you can sort and filter the list of registrants to control the order and narrow the scope of the report.

To generate an attendance report, click the Reports button from the event details screen and select the Attendance list option.

You can also record event attendance using the Wild Apricot mobile app.

Event payments report

To view a summary of registration payments for a particular event, click the Reports button from the event details screen and select the Registrations by ticket type option. The report that appears lists the number of registrants, the amount collected, and the amount owing, broken down by ticket type.

You can export this report by clicking the Export to PDF or Export to Excel buttons.

Registration fields report

If your event registration form includes options such as meal choices or special seating, you can generate a report summarizing the choices made by event registrants. 

To generate the registration fields report, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Reports button from the event details screen and select the Registration fields option.
  2. On the next screen, select the registration fields to be reported on, and indicate whether to include pending registrations and show participant details.
  3. Click Generate.

If you didn't choose to show participant details, a simple count will be displayed:

If you chose to show participant details, the report will display the name, email, registration status, and attendance status for the registrants for each choice.

There's no option to export the registration fields report to a spreadsheet but you can copy and paste the contents of the report into Excel or any other application.

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