Contact profile widget

A widget is a chunk of WildApricot functionality that you can embed – or integrate – into another website. With a contact profile widget, you can allow members to update their WildApricot member profile from another website.

Embed the widget

To embed any WildApricot widget into another website, copy the widget's code and paste it into the other site's HTML code. See Getting the widget code to learn how.

Changing colors and fonts

You can change the appearance of the contact profile widget by navigating to Website > Colors and styles

Note: Any changes you make to page styles will be applied to your WildApricot website as well as your embedded WildApricot widgets.

For example, to change the appearance of the headings on member profile screens:

1. Navigate to Website > Colors and styles.

2. Select All settings.

3. Select General formatting.

4. Select Form and Caption.


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