Customer referrals

You can earn commissions by referring new users to WildApricot. When they upgrade to a paid account, you'll receive a commission payment equal to 10% of their monthly fee, for 2 years. 

View our Customer Referral Program Terms of Use

Your referral link

Navigate to Account > Referrals. Copy and share the referral link.

When someone uses your referral link to create a new WildApricot account and upgrades from a trial account to a paid plan, you will start earning a commission.

You can view your earned commissions on the Referral screen. After you have accumulated $100, contact and we will send you the payment. 

Important notes about commissions

  • Accounts receiving a multi-chapter discount are not eligible to receive a referral commission.
  • Referral commission payments can only be requested by the individual who initially opened the referring account.
  • Referral commission payments are paid out exclusively to the individual who initially opened the referring account. This excludes other users with access to the same account. 
  • Only active accounts are eligible to request a referral commission and must meet our Customer Referral Program criteria
  • Accounts that have either canceled their subscription or have been deleted are not qualified to initiate payout requests.

Viewing referral details

The Referrals screen displays a summary of your earned referral commissions, including accumulated commissions, the commissions paid out to you so far, and your current balance. 

All dollar amounts displayed in Referrals are in USD. 


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