Event announcement emails - RSVP buttons

RSVP button appearance

The {Registration_buttons} macro, included in event announcement emails, streamlines the RSVP process for your event invitees by providing RSVP buttons within the body of the email. This macro is automatically included in event announcement emails for all new events, but the buttons that actually appear for recipients is dependent upon which type of event it is:

Event TypeRSVP button appearance in event announcement emails
Yes and Maybe and No
AdvancedRegister and Not attending
Note: The {Registration_buttons} macro is only available for event announcement emails, not for event reminder emails.

Important Note: The Register and Not attending buttons will only appear in event announcement emails for Advanced events. The Yes, Maybe, and No buttons will only appear in announcement emails for Simple RSVP events.

Using the RSVP buttons

When an invitee clicks an RSVP button within the event announcement email, they will be automatically logged into their profile on your website and directed to the event details. Administrator invitees, however, will be required to log in first. This avoids unauthorized administrative access to your WildApricot account.

Invitees who click the No or Not attending button will be automatically unsubscribed from all further announcements for this event. If they change their mind, they can register for the event at any time by clicking the Register button from the email or in your event calendar.

If the invitee clicks the Register button within the email message, they will be directed to the registration form for the event.

Note: Because clicking the buttons in the email will automatically log the person in, your recipients should not forward or otherwise share this email. A warning to this effect appears at the bottom of the email message, just below the Unsubscribe link. This warning cannot be removed or customized.

Viewing responses

To view responses, navigate to Events > Event list and select the event. Click the Registrants & Invitees tab.  

Select a Filter option from the dropdown menu.

If you select All, then all registrants and invitees will be displayed alphabetically in the following order: 1) registrants, 2) invitees who are not attending, 3) invitees who have not replied, and 4) canceled registrants.

After the system displays your filtered results, clicking the Email registrants or Export registrants buttons at the top of the screen will email or export only those registrants and invitees who are listed in the filtered results.

Note: Make sure the list of registrants and invitees is properly filtered before you click either of these buttons because the filtered list can include non-registrants. On all other event tabs, these buttons will email and export only event registrants.

Changing responses

Navigate to Events > Event list, select the event, and click the Registrants & Invitees tab. Here you can change the invitation response for individual invitees. 

To change a response, click the dropdown menu under the Registration heading and select a different response. 

For a deeper dive on canceling an event registration, view Canceling registrations.

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