Modifying an existing event registration

Administrators can modify an existing event registration, but registrants cannot. Registrants can, however, delete their own registrations if you have enabled that option for their ticket type.

To modify a registration for an event, follow these steps:

  1. Within the Registrants & invitees list, click the name of the registrant whose registration you want to change.
  2. To add a guest, click the Add guest button.
  3. To make any other change to the registration, click the Edit button.
  4. Make the necessary changes.
  5. Click the Save button.
  6. If the changes you made affect the cost of the event – maybe you changed the ticket type or the number of guests – you will be prompted to update the invoice, delete the invoice, or cancel the invoice update. When changing from a paid ticket type to a free one, you should delete the invoice (since you cannot have an invoice without a cost).
  7. If you choose to update the invoice, you can then click the Email button to email the updated invoice to the registrant. An email will not be automatically sent.

For instructions on modifying guest registrations, click here.


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