Consent management

Obtaining consent through consent fields

Your contacts and members can indicate their consent for your organization's policies through the use of consent database fields.

1. For each policy, create a Rules and terms Contact field in your database to be used as a consent field for that policy. Check out our article on Consent fields for step-by-step instructions.

2. Make sure the access setting for each policy's consent field is set to anybody. This will allow members to change their consent settings in their profiles.

3. These consent fields will also appear on your website's membership application form, event registrations, and donation forms. You can also include them on email subscription forms. 

For detailed instructions on how to control the fields that appear on a specific form, view Controlling which fields appear on forms.

Tracking consent

To generate a list of any contacts who have not consented to your policies, create an advanced search using specific consent fields as filters. The search will result in a list of contacts that have not provided consent. You can then email the contacts on the list to ask for their consent as needed. 

In addition, Termly offers tools to help you create policies and manage consent for your organization. As a WildApricot customer, you have special access to discounted rates from Termly

Modifying consent settings

Members and users of your website can change their consent settings for individual policies by accessing their member profiles.


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