Custom page URLs

When you create a web page in Wild Apricot, its URL – its Internet address – is created automatically in the form of http://yourdomain/page-41160 (where yourdomain is your Wild Apricot domain name, and 41160 is the page ID ). You change the page address to something more memorable by specifying a custom URL.

For example, instead of... could provide your blog page with a custom URL of blog so that its page address becomes:

Specifying a custom URL can improve your rankings in search engines, particularly if you use relevant keywords (e.g. typography for a typography blog). You can also use custom URLs if you are transitioning from a non-Apricot site and want to keep the same page URLs.

Once you change the page URL from the numeric default to a custom ID, the original numeric page ID will continue to function, and will redirect to the custom ID you assign.

Specifying a custom URL

You can assign a custom URL to any Wild Apricot page including the homepage.

You cannot, however, assign a custom URL to individual events or blog posts.

To specify a custom URL for a page:

  1. Go to Site pages (under the Website menu) select the page within the list.
  2. Click the Edit button towards the top of the screen...
    ...or hover over the page then hover over its info icon and click the Edit option.
  3. In the Page URL field within the page settings on the left, enter the portion of the URL that follows the slash. If you want the URL to be http://yourdomain/blog, you would just enter blog.
  4. Click the Save button to save your changes.
The full URL of the page appears below the Page URL field.

Custom URL restrictions


  • The page URL must be unique within your site.

You can use:

  • any extension (e.g. html, php, jsp, do) except for reserved extensions listed below
  • sub-folders in the path (e.g. you can specify a custom URL of /Typography/blog)

You cannot use:

  • double slashes in path (e.g. /Typography//blog)
  • extensions reserved for resource files:
    config, asmx, axd, jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, gif, swf, js, css
  • reserved system URLs starting with:
    • /Admin/
    • /App_Themes/
    • /Captcha/
    • /Common/
    • /Content/
    • /Default.aspx
    • /DES/
    • /DESGetFiles.aspx
    • /DocumentHandler.ashx
    • /EmailTracker/
    • /Errors/
    • event-
    • /Info/
    • /KeepSessionAlive.ashx
    • /Logs/
    • /Models/
    • /Payments/
    • /PromoBannerHandler.ashx
    • /Resources/
    • /RadControls/
    • /SupportTicketsHandler.ashx
    • /Sys/
    • /ViewEvent.aspx
    • /WebDav/
    • /Widget/


You can use:

  • Latin characters
  • numbers
  • any of the following special characters:
    - _ = + ~ ! @ $ & * ( )

You cannot use:

  • non-latin characters
  • any special characters not listed above


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