Adding a button

You can add a button to a site page so that visitors can click the button to...

  • jump to another page on your site
  • jump to a specific section within the same page or a section within another page on your site
  • jump to another site
  • send an email

You can add a button to a content gadget on either a site page or a page template, and in emails and event descriptions. To add a button, follow these steps:

  1. Begin editing the site page, page template, email, email template, or event description.
  2. Click within the content gadget, email body, or event description where you want the button to appear. The content editor toolbar should now appear at the top of the screen.
  3. Click the Link dropdown in the toolbar towards the top of the page and select Insert link.
  4. From the Insert link window that appears, you choose where the button should take the visitor to when clicked.
    The following options are available.

    Enter an email address or the URL of another website.

    Site page
    Select a page on your Wild Apricot site.

    Select a past or upcoming event and choose whether to link to the event's detail page or registration page.

    For instructions on linking to another section within the same page or a section within another page, click here.
  5. Choose whether you want the linked page to open in a new window or the same window.
  6. Click the Style drop-down and select the button style you want to use.

    The available styles vary depending on your current website theme.
  7. Optionally, specify a tooltip to be displayed when a mouse pointer is positioned over the button.
  8. Within the Link text field, enter the label you want to appear on the button.
  9. When you are done setting up the button, click Insert Link.

For instructions on modifying or removing a link, click here.


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