Advanced member search layouts

When you run a saved advanced member search from the Members module, you can control the layout of the search results – which columns are displayed and in what order. Normally, the search results are automatically laid out in a default format.

To control the layout of the search results, you create a custom layout then select the layout before running the saved search.

Creating custom search layouts

From the Advanced search result layouts screen, you can create as many custom result layouts as you want, each with a different set of fields.

To display the Advanced search result layouts screen, click the Custom results layout button from the Saved member searches screen.

From the screen that appears, click the Add new layout button to create a new result layout.

On the layout details screen, you can choose the order in which matching records are displayed, and the columns to be displayed for each record. You can also give your result layout a name.

You can specify up to 3 fields to sort records by (in ascending order), and they can be different from the fields appearing as columns within the search results. The records will be displayed in order according to the values of the first field, then any duplicate values will be sorted by the second field, and so on. For example, you might want to sort by membership level then by state or province, then by name.

You can choose up to 5 columns to be displayed within the search results, and pick up to 3 database fields to be combined in each column. For example, you could combine first name and last name in column 1; job title and organization in column 2; and city and state in column 3. layout columns-S2c.png

You can choose any common or membership fields except multi-line text, radio button, or multiple choice fields.

For each column, you can also specify the column heading.

The first field of the first column will automatically appear as a link to the member's public profile page.

When you are finished setting up your custom result layout, click the Save button.

Modifying custom result layouts

To modify an existing result layout, click it within the list on the Advanced search result layouts screen, then make your changes and click the Save button.

Using custom result layouts

Once you have created your custom result layout, you can apply it to one of your saved member searches.

To apply a custom layout to a saved member search, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Saved searches tab from the member summary or member list, or hover over the Members menu and select the Saved searches option. 
  2. Select the custom layout below the name of the search you want to run.
  3. Click the Run button beside the name of the search you want to run.

Instead of the standard search results, the matching records are displayed using the information you chose for your custom layout.


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