Authorize.Net is a payment processor that allows you to accept online credit card payments on your website. 

Before you can use Authorize.Net with your WildApricot website, you must have an Authorize.Net merchant account.

Important Note: A 20% Payment System Servicing Fee is applied to the WildApricot subscription price for organizations based in the US and Canada that use an online payment system other than WildApricot Payments/AffiniPay. Learn more

Online payments through Authorize.Net

Visitors to your website can pay online for membership fees, event registrations, and donations if you have an account with an online payment processor, such as Authorize.Net. When a user chooses to pay online, they will be directed to a secure payment form to make the payment.

Note: For security reasons, credit card information used for making online payments is not stored in WildApricot. Instead, it is securely transmitted to your payment processor, where it is processed. The processor then returns the status of the payment transaction, which is recorded in your WildApricot transaction details.

Connect Authorize.Net to your WildApricot website

Accepting online payments with Authorize.Net requires the following:

Step 1: You'll need to obtain API and client credentials for your Authorize.Net merchant account. For details, consult Authorize.Net's support center.

Step 2: Configure your WildApricot Payment settings to integrate with your Authorize.Net merchant account. For detailed instructions, see Configure your payment settings.

A note about currency

Important Note: Online payments processed with Authorize.Net will use the currency you select when you create your Authorize.Net merchant account. Any currency changes you make in your WildApricot account will not affect the actual transaction currency.


If you encounter problems using Authorize.Net to process transactions on your WildApricot site, check the following:

  • In your Authorize.Net settings, make sure your account is set up as a Card Not Present account and not a Card Present account.
  • Make sure that no form fields in your Authorize.Net account are defined as required. If in your Authorize.Net account there are required fields, an invalid configuration error will occur.
  • In Finances > Financial history, select Warnings and errors in Filter by to view transaction errors. Compare the errors to Authorize.Net error codes.

Need help? Contact the Authorize.Net support team.


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