Organization memberships

Your contact database can store both individual member records and membership records for companies and other organizations.

There are two ways you can store memberships records for companies and other organizations:

  • create a single member record for the organization – similar to that of an individual member, just with different fields filled out.
  • create a membership bundle so that multiple people within a particular organization can join as a group.

With a membership bundle, the fee is paid as a group fee, and renewal is processed for the entire group. Each bundle is administered by a bundle coordinator, and individual members within the bundle have their own separate profiles (and can log in and receive emails separately). For more information on setting up a membership bundles, see Membership bundles.

For instructions on setting up a membership record for an organization, see below.

Setting up organization members

To set up a membership record for an organization, follow these steps:

  1. Set up a special membership level for organizations (e.g. Partner).
  2. Create a new member record.
  3. Complete the Organization and Email fields, and leave the First name and Last Name fields blank.
  4. Assign the new member record to the special membership level you set up for organizations.
  5. Click the Save to save the new member record.

Searching for organization members

To search for organization members, follow these steps:

  1. Create a custom search layout to display Organization and Email columns, and sort by Organization.
  2. Perform an advanced member search for records where the Organization field is not empty but the First name field is empty.
  3. Save the search.
  4. Go to the Saved searches tab and select the custom search layout you created for organizations.
  5. Click the Run button for the saved search you created for organizations.

You should now see a list of the organization members you added to your contact database.


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