Suspending members


You may wish to suspend someone's membership for a variety of reasons. When you suspend a member, they remain a contact in your database.

Suspending a member will:

  • Remove the membership so that the member becomes a non-member contact
  • Hide them from any member directory
  • Archive their membership level and status
  • Keep all their contact information as it was before (e.g. you can still send emails to this person)

Other things to note:

  • If a member has recurring automatic renewal payments, suspending the member will automatically stop the recurring payments.
  • When you suspend a bundle coordinator, you automatically suspend all the members of that bundle. If you want to suspend only the bundle coordinator, first select an alternate bundle coordinator, then suspend the former bundle coordinator's membership.
  • Since suspended members are non-member contacts, they continue to count against your subscription plan's contact database limit.
  • A suspended member can apply for membership like anyone else after being suspended.
  • A suspended member can log in but only as a non-member contact. Suspended members may need to log in if they are event registrants or donors, even if they are not members.

For a deeper dive on the different member and contact status designations, view Member and contact statuses.

Suspend a member

You can set the renewal policy for your membership levels so that members are automatically suspended if they don't renew their membership within a certain number of days. You can also manually suspend an individual member at any time.

To manually suspend a member, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Contacts > List.

2. Use search to find and select the member's name from the list of contacts.

3. In the Contact details view for the member, select the Membership tab.

4. At the top of the Membership section there are three buttons: Edit, Renew, and Suspend. Select Suspend, then confirm your selection when prompted.

Note: The member will not receive an automatic email notification when you resume their membership after suspension.

Suspend multiple members

You can suspend multiple members in bulk by importing the list of members with a column labeled Membership enabled and entering no in the corresponding cell for each member. 

For details, view Bulk changes through importing and Importing checklist.

Reinstating a suspended member

To reinstate a suspended member, click Resume within the Membership tab of their contact details.

This will reactivate the contact's membership to their previous membership level.

Note: The original renewal due date will not be changed or updated when a membership is resumed. 

To change a member's renewal date, navigate to the Membership tab within their contact details and select Edit. In the Edit membership screen, locate the Renewal due on field and enter a new renewal date. 

Searching for suspended members

To view a list of all suspended members in your database, navigate to Contacts > List > Simple search. For Filter, select All, and enter the word suspended in the Search field.

You can also use Advanced search if you want to add additional criteria to your search results. 

Navigate to Contacts > List > Advanced search. For Match, select all, then click Add criteria.

In the Add search criteria popup, click Contact properties, as well any additional criteria you wish to include in the search, then click OK

Next to Contact properties, select any of selected and Suspended member. After you have configured any additional criteria, you can enter a name for the search and click Save

Although it's not necessary to save an advanced search, saved searches allow you to perform repeated searches that apply the same search criteria without having to rebuild the search each time.

Pro Tip: You can export the Suspended member search results to a spreadsheet and use the spreadsheet to reinstate your suspended members in bulk through an import. For details, view Bulk changes through importing and Importing checklist.


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