Registering and paying for others

A contact can register another contact for an event, and pay the event registration for the other contact. As well, an administrator can change which contact is invoiced for an event registration so that one contact is registered for the event and a different contact is invoiced for the registration fee.

Why would I want to do this?
Maybe you're hosting an educational event for which scholarships are awarded to deserving students by a charitable foundation. You want the students to be registered for the event, but the foundation to be invoiced for the registration fees.

Registering another contact through online self-service

A contact can register another contact for an event by logging in then entering the other contact's email address during the registration process.

If you do not log in, the system will assign the first registration and its invoice to the contact with that email address, assuming it already exists in your database. For subsequent registrations during the same browser session, invoices will be assigned to this first contact and the registrations will be associated with the email addresses you enter. To avoid this, close your browser after each registration or log in before registering.

If the contact doing the registration is already registered for an event, they can click the New registration button after clicking the Register button from the event details.

In either case, the contact doing the registering will be invoiced for the registration fee.

Changing who is invoiced for an event registration

After a contact has registered for an event, an administrator can assign the invoice to a different contact. To change who is invoiced for an event registration, follow these steps:

  1. Find and open the invoice.
  2. Click the Edit button to enter edit mode.
  3. Click the Change link beside the contact's details.
  4. Select the contact you want the invoice to be assigned to.
  5. Click the Save button to save the change. You can then print or email the updated invoice.

Reassigning the invoice will create an entry in your financial history.


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