Version 4.2 release

Released on May 18, 2011

The version 4.2 release of Wild Apricot includes the following features.

Log of sent emails

Email log - both email blasts and automatic system emails (i.e. reminders, announcements, etc.) are now logged, and you can review the email text, recipients, record of opens and clicks, or re-send emails.

New customization capabilities for designers - Theme overrides

New CMS architecture brings new customization capabilities. Changes in this release are 'under the hood' - we hope web designers will appreciate new customization capabilities. Also, these changes will drive a redesign of user interface of our website management interface in the next version.

Timezone and time/date format customization

  • Setting a time zone for your account - set a organization wide timezone or set event specific timezones to time the sending of email, and the display of various date sensitive information (i.e. Events).
  • Customizable time/date format - set the format of how dates are displayed in your emails, events, blogs, forums, and more.

QuickBooks export

Quickbooks export - you can now export your contacts and financial transactions into Quickbooks.

Events announcements to contacts

Send Event Announcement to Contacts - Added the ability to send automatic event announcements to contacts as well as past event attendees, members, and donors.

Merge Contacts

Merge contact records - Combine the data of two records into a single record, while archiving the discarded record.

Other changes

  • Tweaks to Member/Contact fields
    • Mandatory Fields are no longer enforced for Administrators - Administrators will no longer be required to fill all mandatory fields when editing records in the backend
    • First and Last name Fields no longer mandatory - which makes it easier to store records for organizations
    • Improvements in viewing/searching organization records - the Organization field is now displayed on various views and is included in search
  • Membership Renewal calculation changes - We have changed renewal date calculation for lapsed members to be calculated from actual renewal date instead of past renewal date
  • Switching between Administrator and Member views - Now Administrators who also have a membership are able to switch between Admin view and Member view at any time


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