Member photo album settings

From the Photos tab on members' contact records, you can disable member photo albums for individual members. You can also view the photo albums the member has created.

Member photo albums are collections of photos that can appear on a member's profile. Members can create multiple photo albums and upload photos to their albums. Member photo albums are different from the photo album pages that can be added to a Wild Apricot site.

After enabling photo albums for all members, an administrator can disable them for individual members from the Photos page of their contact record. If member photo albums have not been enabled for all members, the Photos page will not be available for individual members.

On the Photos page, you can see whether photo albums have been enabled for this member, and if so, how many photo albums the members has, and the names of the albums.

Clicking on the Albums link will take you to the member's profile, where their photo albums appear. Clicking on the name of a member photo album will take you to that album.

To change whether photo albums are enabled for this member, click the Edit button. Once in edit mode, you can click the Enabled or Disabled option to enable or disable photo albums for this member.

After you have made your selection, click the Save button.

Administrators can control access to all member photo albums by other members and by non-members from the Member privacy settings screen, and to photo albums for individual members from the contact record's Privacy tab.


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