Manual payments

On the Payment settings screen, you indicate how your organization accepts payments. You can choose to process payments using an online payment system, to only handle payments manually, or to accept both manual and online payments. Manual payments – aka offline payments – are payments received outside of Wild Apricot, such as check, cash, wire transfer, or credit card payments received outside of your Wild Apricot site.

Manual payment settings

To display the Payment settings screen, click Finances under the Settings menu, then click Payment settings.

If you haven't set up online payments yet, and you don't want to accept them, scroll down to the bottom of the Wild Apricot Payments screen, then click Other payment settings.

If you've already set up online payments and want to switch to manual payments only, click the Edit button at the top of the Payment settings screen.

On the screen that appears, click the Payment system drop-down and select the Manual payments option.

With manual payments selected, you can only manually record offline payments. To accept both online and manual payments, set up your online payment system – you will still be able to record manual payments.

You must choose the default country you want to display to customers, and the currency you want to use in your transactions (and in your reports). You can choose a predefined currency or enter your own custom currency. If you enter your own custom currency, you must specify the currency name, code, and symbol.

You should also provide payment instructions so that your customers understand your manual payment procedure, since Wild Apricot will only generate an invoice when manual payment is the selected payment system.

Recording manual payments

To record a manual or offline payment for a particular invoice, find the invoice with the outstanding balance then click the Record Payment button.

The Record Payment button appears beside open invoices in the invoices list...

...and on the Invoice details screen.

After you click the Record payment button, you enter the amount of the payment and the date of the payment, and select the payment type.

The payment amount must be equal to or less than the invoice amount. The payment type indicates how the payment was received. Classifying payments by type makes reconciliation and reporting easier. The payment report, for example, displays a summary of payments broken down by type. For online payments, the payment type is recorded automatically (e.g. Online - Authorize.Net credit card payment).

After you click the Save button, the payment amount will be settled against the invoice, and invoice and contact balances are updated accordingly.

If the payment was less than the outstanding invoice balance, then the invoice will be marked as partially paid.

If the payment was for the entire outstanding balance of the invoice, then the invoice will be marked as fully paid.

Manual payment receipts

Payment receipts are sent automatically for online payments only. For manually recorded payments, you must manually email the receipt to the contact.

You can customize the payment receipt, used for both online and manual payments, by adding text, graphics, macros, and more.


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