API status codes

Wild Apricot's API is intended for use by developers with technical expertise. If you need assistance, we provide support via email or through our Developers forum. If you are not an experienced programmer, consider using Make (formerly Integromat) to build automated workflows with Wild Apricot.

Along with the results of an API call, Wild Apricot's API returns a status code indicating the state of the requested operation. The status codes are standard HTTP status codes and include the following.

Wild Apricot's server has successfully responded to the request.

You have requested previously supplied information, so the information is being returned from the cache rather than the server.

Wild Apricot's server did not understand the request. You may be missing required parameters, you may have specified invalid data, you may have used improper syntax in your $filter or $select parameters, or the billing plan's contact limit may have been reached. The response body will contain the following fields.

  • Code
    One-word summary of the error (e.g. Validation)
  • Message
    A high-level description of the error.
  • Details
    The field name, value, and specific violation that caused the error.


HTTP 400 Bad request
    message:"Contact details validation error.",
			restriction:"Invalid email address."
			key:"Country of origin",
			restriction:"Unexpected option."

The API key required to authenticate your account was either not provided or not valid.

Your authentication information was correct, but access to requested resource is denied, possibly because the resource ID you provided was not valid.

The resource you are trying to access either does not exist or is not available.

Your API call is too long for the server to process. The maximum query length is 4096 characters.

Wild Apricot's server has received too many requests from your account. Currently, accounts are limited to a certain number of requests per minute to avoid overall system slowdown. We recommend reacting to such responses and adjusting your requests rate accordingly. Otherwise, your request may be interpreted as an HTTP flood, and access to the API may be blocked. Click here for more information on request limits.

Wild Apricot's server has encountered an error and cannot fulfill the request.

Wild Apricot's server is currently unavailable because it is overloaded or down for maintenance.

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