Gadget setting attributes

The following attributes are available for the Setting tag used to control the appearance and behavior of gadgets.

  • name – mandatory, setting name. Is referenced by it in template: <$Model.Settings.SettingName$> and in SettingsLayout.cfg
  • type – mandatory, one of build-in types:
    • string. default control: TextBox
    • number. default control: Number
    • boolean. default control: CheckBox
    • cssSize. default control: CssSize
    • cssoffset. default control: cssoffset
    • background. default control: Background
    • list. default control: RadioButtonList
  • title – shown near setting input control in settings panel
  • titleDescription – title description for view control
  • description – description for view control
  • hint – hint for view control
  • required – setup required validator for this setting (true/false)
  • maxLength – setup maxlength validator for this setting (limitation to maximum setting value)
  • defaultControlType – default view control
  • defaultValue – default value for this setting
  • initialValue – initial setting value that comes from server


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