Donations tab

Within a contact's record, you can view a history of all donations made by the client. To view a list of all donations made by a particular contact, go to their contact record and click the Donations tab.

For each donation, the following information is displayed:

  • Date
    Date of the donation, plus payment details for online payments or any internal notes recorded by the administrator.
  • Number
    Donation receipt number.
  • Payment type
    How the donation payment was made. See Payment types.
  • Amount
    The amount of the donation.

To view the details of a particular donation, click it within the list.

Within the donation details screen, the following options are available:

  • Preview & print
    Print the donation receipt.
  • Donation receipt
    Email the donation receipt. A donation receipt is not sent automatically when you manually record a donation. You can customize the email message before sending it.
  • Edit
    Modify the donation details.
  • Refund
    Refund the donation.
  • Delete
    Delete the donation.

To record another donation for this contact, click the Record donation button.

For information on donations, see Managing donations.


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