Starting page for members

Where someone ends up after they log in – and accept the terms of use, if applicable – depends on whether they are an administrator, and whether they have any open invoices. Administrators will end up in Wild Apricot's admin view. Members with open invoices will be directed to the Invoices and payments tab in their member profile. If their membership renewal date has passed, they will be directed to the Profile page where they can renew their membership.

For all other members, administrators can specify a starting page where members will land after logging in and accepting the terms of use. You can specify a default starting page, and override the default page by specifying starting pages for each membership level.

These settings do not apply when a member logs in while registering for an event, to enter a blog comment, or to access a restricted page via a direct link. Also, these settings do not apply to lapsed members.

To specify a starting page for members, click the Settings menu and choose then click the Starting page option within the Members section. 

The following screen will appear.

From here, you can choose one of the following as the default page after login:

  • Any public or restricted website page, including those not in your site menu
  • The member’s profile page
  • The page they logged in from

For each membership level, you can select a different landing page, or use the default starting page.


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