Troubleshooting Events

I can't enable registration

  • Check whether there are any ticket types set up for the event. There has to be at least one currently available ticket type before you can enable registration.
  • Check whether all your ticket types have their availability periods set to the future or the past.
  • Check the event access permission setting. If its set to Admin only, you need to change it to Public or Restricted before you can enable registration.
  • If there are registration types already set up, go to the Event details tab and click the Edit button to enter edit mode. Now, click the Enable registration check box and save your changes.

I can't add or modify ticket types

  • If you're on the Ticket types & settings tab and the Add type button is grayed out, its because you are currently editing other event details. You cannot add or modify ticket types while in edit mode. You have to click the Save button to save your changes or click the Cancel button to discard them.

My event is not appearing in my event calendar

  • Check the event access setting. If it's currently set to Admin only, change it to Public or Restricted (if you want to restrict access by membership levels and/or member groups).
  • Check the settings for your event calendar. They might be set to filter the event calendar by event tag.

Event time on external calendar does not match

  • If the event time shown on your calendar does not match your event time, it may be due to timezone differences. Check that the event timezone specified in your Wild Apricot site is the same as the timezone on your computer or calendar. If you changed your timezone after your event had already been created, you need to go into the event and re-save it for the new timezone to take effect.


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