From email field

The From email field displays the email address identified as the sender of emails from your WildApricot account. When a recipient replies to the email, the contact email address (see above) will be used as the actual reply-to address.

If you are on a paid plan and have a custom domain set up, you can set the From address to something@your_custom_domain (e.g. If you don't have email addressees set up for your domain, you could enter no-reply as the prefix.

Be sure to add your custom domain without www as part of the custom domain setup process. If you set up a custom domain name without a valid TXT record, the From email address will still be generated from your free domain (i.e., and you will not be able to create a custom From address based on your custom domain.

If you don't have a custom domain set up (e.g., then the From email will be set to your_domain_, where your_domain_name is your WildApricot domain name as it appears on the Domain name management screen. For example, if your WildApricot site is then the From email will be set to 

Email addresses that end with are not functional but are used to shield your contact email address from email harvesters. Emails sent directly to this address will be forward to your contact email address with the original message attached as an .EML file. You can open this file using Outlook or any text editor. To open it using Internet Explorer, change the file extension to .MHT.


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