Change membership level while renewal is pending

If a member wants to change their membership level while they are in Pending renewal status, they must first cancel their pending membership renewal.

Note for Admins: To remove the ability for members to cancel their own pending renewals, please contact our technical support team.

Members can cancel their Pending renewal status in two different ways:

Method 1 - Cancel renewal in My profile 

  1. Navigate to My profile.
  2. In Membership details, locate the View/Pay invoice button within the yellow Membership renewal initiated warning message.
  3. Next to the View/Pay invoice button, select Cancel renewal and void invoice.
  4. In Membership details > Membership level, select Change.

Method 2 - Cancel renewal on the invoice

  1. Navigate to My profile > Invoices and payments.
  2. Select the invoice listed for the membership renewal payment.
  3. On the invoice, select Void invoice and cancel renewal next to the Pay online button.
  4. In Membership details > Membership level, select Change.

Both options allow members to exit Pending renewal status and regain the ability to change membership levels.

Note for Members: Administrators of WildApricot sites can choose to turn off the capability for members to cancel their own pending renewals. If you wish to cancel your renewal and do not see these options in your profile, please contact your organization's website administrator.


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