Job Board's add-on option for employers: Job Posting Distribution

With the Job Posting Distribution add-on, employers can have their job posting emailed to all of the contacts in your WildApricot database, ensuring that their posted opportunity is seen by as many candidates as possible.

When an employer/job poster selects the Job Posting Distribution add-on option while posting a job, the system automatically sends announcement emails starting the next weekday, in daily batches. 

If multiple employers/job posters purchase Job Posting Distribution on the same day, the job postings will be grouped together into one email message to avoid overwhelming your contacts.

Below is an example of the emailed notification that WildApricot admins receive when an employer/job poster purchases the Job Posting Distribution add-on:


Below is an example of the emailed notification that contacts receive:


Important Note: The Job Posting Distribution feature respects existing WildApricot contact preferences, including Global Unsubscribe and the Mailing List Preferences, which can be viewed in the member's Contact details tab. Recipients can also opt-out from Job Posting Distribution notifications at any time.

To set up this option, log in to your job board as an administrator and navigate to Manage > Settings > Pricing.

Enable the Job Posting Distribution Toggle, enter the Non-Member and Member prices in the Job Posting Distribution Price window, and click Save.


When Job Posting Distribution is enabled and the prices are set, employers will see the option to purchase this add-on displayed on the pricing page when they make their selection for post duration. 


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