Job Board Integration and Visibility


Enhance the visibility of your job board by integrating it with your WildApricot website using the strategies outlined below.

Pro Tip: Making your job board as visible as possible on your WildApricot website will help to maximize the revenue you earn from employers who post jobs there.

Insert a link on your home page

Announce your job board and include a link to it in a prominent spot on your home page. You can use a content gadget to add the announcement to your home page.

It's a good idea to also add a link to our Job Board User Guide next to the job board link to make it easy for employers to learn how to post new jobs. The easier it is for employers to post jobs, the more revenue you can earn through increased postings.

The URL for your job board is emailed to you a short time after you request one through your WildApricot account. To learn how to insert a link on a site page of your website, view Inserting links.

Create a new Job Board site page

Create a dedicated site page on your WildApricot website for your job board. Make sure the page is a visible part of your website menu

Here's an example of a dedicated Job Board site page from our demo website:

On your Job Board site page, you can insert a link to your job board and add descriptive text about it with a content gadget

You can also include directions to help employers use your job board by paraphrasing or adding a direct link to our Job Board User Guide.

To draw even more attention, add Job Board's Latest Jobs widget to the Job Board page. This widget displays the most recently-posted jobs wherever you insert the widget. See the section below for how-to steps.

Add the Latest Jobs widget to a site page

With Job Board's Latest Jobs widget, visitors to your website can get a quick glimpse of the most recent job postings without needing to access your job board URL. This helps draw attention to your job board and increases its overall visibility.

Follow the steps below to add Job Board's Latest Jobs widget and WildApricot's custom HTML gadget.

1. In the Admin view of your WildApricot account, select Website from the sidebar menu. 

2. Click on the name of the site page where you want to embed the Latest Jobs widget.

3. Click Edit to open the page editor.

4. Click Gadgets in the top left corner of the page editor.

5. In the Gadget menu, select Custom HTML and drag it to the desired location on the page. 

6. Click on the Custom HTML gadget placeholder in the page editor to open its editor menu, then click Edit code.

7. Copy the following HTML code for the Latest Jobs widget and paste it into the custom HTML code editor where indicated:

<iframe height="300" src="https://[YourJobBoardURL]/embed?primaryColor=grey" width="100%"></iframe>

8. Replace [YourJobBoardURL] in the code above with the unique URL for your custom-made job board. The URL for your job board is emailed to you a short time after you request one through your WildApricot account. 

For example, the custom HTML code to embed Schmoe's job board is:

<iframe height="300" src="" width="100%"></iframe>

And it would look like this when pasted into the custom HTML code editor:

9. Click Save at the bottom of the HTML editor window, then Save at the top left corner of the page editor.

A display of the most recent job openings posted to your job board will appear on the site page where you added the widget HTML code. 

All visibility settings that may affect the Latest Job widget are applied at the site page level. To learn how to adjust visibility settings for your site pages, view our article on Page access and visibility.

For additional details about adding custom HTML code to your WildApricot website, view Custom HTML gadget.

Note: For help with your Latest Jobs widget installation, please email for assistance. The Latest Jobs widget is a MemberClicks by Personify product.

Add a menu item with a URL redirect

You can add an item to your website's top menu that sends users directly to your job board's URL when they click the menu item. This bypasses the need to create a dedicated site page for your job board, but it does not provide a way to include any custom information, such as instructions for employers who wish to post.

For detailed instructions, view Redirecting a page and Menu gadget.


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