Controlling which fields appear on forms

The forms that appear on your Wild Apricot site typically combine contact fields and specialized fields, such as event fields or membership fields. A membership application form, for example, will display both contact fields and membership fields. Contact fields are general fields that apply to a contact regardless of which form they are completing.

For some forms, you can control which fields appear on the form.

Fields on membership application forms

The membership application form is a combination of contact fields and membership fields. 

All your contact fields and membership fields will appear unless they are not enabled for the selected membership level within the field's Use in setting.

Contact fields and membership fields will appear on your membership application form even if the Others access setting for that field is set to No access, and even if that field is set to No access on the Member privacy settings screen.

To create or customize membership fields, hover over the Members menu and click the Membership fields option. To create or customize contact fields, hover over the Contacts menu and click the Contact fields option. For more information, see Adding and modifying database fields.

Fields on event registration forms

Wild Apricot allows you to control which fields appear on registration forms for advanced events. You can add your own event fields, and choose which contact fields appear on the registration form. You can add event-specific fields to collect information such as seating or meal choice, and even up-sell some extra options to your registrants.

To control which forms appear on an event registration form, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the Events menu and select the Events list option.
  2. Within the event list, click on the event whose form you want to customize.
  3. Click the Registration form link.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. From the screen that appears, you can choose which contact fields to include, and add custom event fields for this event only. You cannot deselect the e-mail field.
    To add a new field, click Add new field. For new fields, you can set the field type and change field settings. For more information, see Adding and modifying database fields.
  6. When you are finishing making your changes, click Save.

Fields on donation forms

You can choose the donation fields you want displayed on donation forms as part of the settings for the donation form gadget. One of your donation fields must be the Amount field, a system field that cannot be renamed, deleted, or excluded from the donation form.

You can create custom donation fields to allocate a donation to a specific fund or fundraising campaign, or collect information on your donors.  Also, you can set the Amount field to accept any amount and/or predefined amounts. For more information on setting up and using donation forms, see Donation form gadget.

If the visitor viewing the donation form is not logged in, contact fields will appear on the form as well. You can choose the contact fields you want to appear on the form as part of the donation form gadget settings, but you cannot exclude the Email field. 

Contact fields that are set to administrator-only access will not appear.

Fields on subscription forms

Subscription forms allow visitors to your site to sign up to receive newsletters, updates, or other manual email blasts.

To control which fields appear on the subscription form, go to the gadget settings for the subscription form gadget and select the fields you want to appear under the Fields to include section. 

You can choose some or all of your contact fields – except those set to admin-only access – but you cannot deselect the Email field. If included on the form, the First name and Last name fields must be completed before clicking the Subscribe button.


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