Simple contact search

You can filter your contact list by entering a keyword or phrase. Only those records that match the word or phrase will be displayed.

Members are listed on the Members module while all contacts (which includes members, donors, email subscribers, etc.) are listed on the Contacts module. You can search for members from either module, using simple or complex search criteria.

You can use a keyword search to filter the contacts you want to email, export, or archive.

Performing a keyword search

To perform a keyword search for contacts, click the Contacts menu then click the List option.

In the Search field, start typing the word or phrase you want to find.

Only those records that display the word or phrase on the contact list will appear in the list. Information displayed elsewhere will not be searched.

The records are automatically sorted by last name. If the last name is missing, then records will be sorted by first name, then organization, and finally by member ID (aka User ID).

Your entire contact list is searched, but only 100 records are displayed at a time. You can use the Paging drop-down list to view additional results.

Filtering the search results

You can filter the search results using one of the predefined filters.

From the Simple search screen, click the Filters drop-down and choose a predefined filter.

The available filters include:

All non-archived contacts.

Attention required
Contacts that require some action from you. For example, contacts that have applied for membership and require approval. Contacts like these are indicated by a yellow warning icon next to their name.

with Membership
Contacts that have current membership.

with Event Registrations
Contacts with current or past event registrations.

with Donations
Contacts that have made donations.

Contacts with administrative access.

Contacts who are not members.

with email delivery problems
Contacts to whom an email has recently failed to be sent.

Archived (excluded elsewhere)
Contacts that have been archived. In the search results, these contacts will be grayed out to indicate they are not active.

To view a list of contacts with suspended membership, select All from the Filter drop-down, and then do a keyword search on the word Suspended.

Next steps

Once you have your search results, you can:

  • view individual contact details
  • browse through matching contact records
  • export matching contact records
  • send an email to matching contacts
  • archive matching contacts


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