Unsubscribing from emails


Contacts can unsubscribe from emails within their profiles or by clicking the Unsubscribe link within the content of an email message. Administrators can unsubscribe individual contacts within the Contact details screen. 

Administrators are not informed when someone unsubscribes. However, if you've enabled email tracking for a manual email, you can use your Email log to view recipients who have clicked the Unsubscribe link.

Note: Unsubscribed contacts are automatically removed from the list of recipients when composing new manual emails.

The Unsubscribe macro

All WildApricot emails have an {Unsubscribe_Url} macro appended to the message at the bottom of the page. This macro provides a link to the Unsubscribe from emails system page on your website. This macro and link will not appear in test emails but will appear in email previews and in delivered emails.

Using the Unsubscribe link

Clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of an email will open the Unsubscribe from emails system page on your website, where the recipient can click Submit to be unsubscribed. 

You can customize this system page by selecting Website in the admin sidebar menu, then selecting System pages in the top menu. Locate the Unsubscribe from emails page in the System pages menu. Click on the title of the page and then click Edit in the top left corner of the screen. 

The Unsubscribe link will only unsubscribe the contact from one specific type of email, not from all types of email. For example, if a contact unsubscribes in response to a manual email (like a newsletter), then the contact will stop receiving all manual emails, but will continue to receive automated event announcement emails. 

To unsubscribe from multiple types of emails, contacts need to unsubscribe from each email type separately when they receive the email. 

Contacts can always log in and edit their email settings within their profile. See the directions in the next section below.

Note: Guest attendees receiving an email reminder for event registrants will be unable to use the Unsubscribe link to unsubscribe from future emails since they have not been added to your contact database.

Contacts: How to change email preferences

A contact can change their opt-in status and unsubscribe from different types of email from within their profile. 

To update email preferences, the contact follows these steps:

1. Log in to the organization's WildApricot website.

2. Navigate to My profile (navigation differs depending upon website design).

3. Select Email subscriptions and click Edit profile

4. Contacts can choose the specific types of emails they want to receive. 

By default, every new contact will have event notifications and manual email turned on.

Admins: How to change a contact's email settings

An administrator can change a contact's email preferences by following these steps:

1. In the admin view, navigate to Contacts > List. Search for and then click on the name of the contact.

2. Click on the Email settings and log tab within the contact's details.

3. Click Edit next to Email preferences

4. Make the changes to the email preference selections, then click Save.

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