Numeric field types

The following field types are capable of accepting, recognizing, and processing data as numbers:

  • Number field
  • Numeric extra charge field

Numbers entered into any other, non-numeric field types are recognized and processed as text information.

Number field type

Data entered into a database field of the Number type is recognized and processed by the system as a numeric value. 

Values stored in fields of Number type are also recognized as numbers in spreadsheets when you export your data.

This field type provides an opportunity to create database searches by numeric values, such as age, postal (zip) code, or even golf handicap.

Note: For data to be recognized and processed as a number, such as street address numbers or postal (zip) codes, you must select Number as the field type when you create the database field. 

Numbers entered into any database field that is not of type Number are recognized and processed as text data. 

The following details apply to the Number field type:

  • Data stored in a field of Number type in your WildApricot database is recognized as a number when exported to a spreadsheet.
  • There is no limit on the decimal places that can be entered and stored in fields of Number type in WildApricot's database.
    • When the data is exported, a maximum of two decimal places will initially be visible in the spreadsheet. (View Microsoft's help article on Displayed Value versus Stored Value for details.)

    • After exporting, you can adjust the cell format of the spreadsheet column to show the original decimal places for the numeric values.

    • For instructions on changing your spreadsheet's cell format to show all available decimal places:

Numeric extra charge field type

By creating a database field of this type, you can provide the opportunity for your users to add an arbitrary cash amount to a membership application or event registration. This is perfect for providing and promoting donation opportunities for members and registrants.  

The following details apply to the Numeric extra charge field type:

  • Available for use only within Members and Events
  • Recognized as a currency value in spreadsheets when exported
  • Recognizes two decimal places


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