Version 8.1.0 Release

Released on March 2, 2023. Releases are rolled out to accounts over several days. Some changes may not immediately appear on your account. 

Version 8.1.0 includes the following product updates.

Feature enhancements

Change membership level while renewal is pending

Members can now change their membership level during their renewal period. 

Previously, if members wanted to change levels, they were blocked from making changes while their membership status was Pending renewal.

Now, if a member wants to change their membership level while their renewal is pending, they can cancel the pending renewal and change to another membership level.

Members can cancel their Pending renewal status in two different ways:

Method 1 - Cancel renewal in My profile 

  1. Navigate to My profile
  2. In Membership details, locate the View/Pay invoice button within the yellow Membership renewal initiated warning message. 
  3. Next to the View/Pay invoice button, select Cancel renewal.
  4. In Membership details > Membership level, select Change.

Method 2 - Cancel renewal on the invoice

  1. Navigate to My profile > Invoices and payments.
  2. Select the invoice listed for the membership renewal payment.
  3. On the invoice, select Void invoice and cancel renewal next to the Pay online button.
  4. In Membership details > Membership level, select Change.

Both options allow members to exit Pending renewal status, which means they regain the ability to change membership levels.

For more information, please view the help center article.

New labels in the Membership revenue widget

We updated the names of the revenue totals displayed in the Membership revenue widget. The new labels make it easier to differentiate Membership revenue streams from your organization's overall income. 

These label updates do not affect the functionality of the widget or the calculation of revenue totals.

Bug fixes

  • For some clients, the Events widget wasn't showing all upcoming events in the proper order. We've fixed this issue, and now the events widget will display events in the order that they're scheduled to occur.
  • We fixed a problem that was causing the reCAPTCHA prompt to block access to the login button on accounts using older website themes.
  • We fixed a problem that was preventing some admin roles from being able to effectively delete email templates. 
  • The default date range for the Payments and Refunds filter has been fixed. The new default setting is for the current month.
  • We restored the ability to filter within the Revenue and Membership revenue widgets by clicking on the revenue source. 


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