Tracking your job board revenue

Once you've had some activity on your job board, you'll be able to report on the jobs posted and the revenue earned.

Important Note: All Job Board revenue-share transactions are processed in US dollars (USD).

The Track Revenue option under the Manage menu on your job board shows a history of transactions so you can keep an eye on activity. 


On this page, you'll see every transaction that has come through your job board, including the job poster's name and company name, any discount code they may have used, and how much they paid to post. 


For each transaction, you'll see the following information:

  • ID: the job post ID
  • Title: the title/position that the employer entered
  • Posted Date: the date the job post was originally added
  • Employer Name: the name of the employer/company that the employer entered
  • Name: the name of the job poster - doesn't display in the job posting
  • Poster Email: the email address of the job poster - doesn't display in the job posting
  • Discount Code: the discount code used, if applicable
  • Discount Amount: the amount discounted if a discount code was used
  • Amount Paid: the total amount paid (calculated after any discounts used, and the remaining balance paid after any refunds have been issued)
  • Amount Refunded: if any part of the original or extended post has been refunded, the sum of the refund amounts will be displayed here

To export the date range you have searched, click Export in the upper right corner. This will export the fields displayed in the report, as well as the revenue share portion that is earned by your organization. 

Refund all or part of a post

If you need to refund a paid post for any reason, you can click the Issue Refund button next to the transaction. You'll see a window appear with the details of what is available for a refund remaining on the post. The original post, upgrades, and distributions can all be refunded up to the full amount paid. If the post was extended at any point, you'll see a dropdown and can select the extension transaction to refund. 


Enter all or part of the payment amount for each part of the transaction you would like to refund. When the refund is issued, the new Amount Paid will be updated in your Transaction Report to reflect the refunded amount. Please note that refunds cannot be issued any later than 60 days past the purchase date.

How do I get paid?

The Job Board is structured as a revenue share, which means that Personify will take 100% of the payment initially, then pay you quarterly for your portion of the revenue earned. 

Your organization keeps 70% of the revenue generated through your job board, and Personify keeps 30%.

You will receive an email at the end of the quarter with instructions on how to sign up to receive payments electronically. If you prefer to receive a paper check in the mail, you can disregard the email.  

Payments are made in the first month of each quarter (January, April, July, and October). Transaction amounts are pulled for the previous quarter on the 15th of the month after the quarter ends (to allow for any refunds/adjustments made immediately following the end of the period), and checks/deposits are made before the end of that month. 

Important Note: All Job Board revenue-share transactions are processed in US dollars (USD).

Note that if you issue refunds to employers/posters from a previous month or quarter for which you have already been paid, the refund amount will be deducted from the current period's total revenue and reflected accordingly in your next revenue share total payment. 

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