Designing site pages

The first step in designing a site page is to choose a page template. The page derives its overall layout from the template, and inherits any gadgets that appear on the template.

After choosing the page template, you can use layouts to divide the page into multiple rows and columns. 

For each layout cell, you can control various settings, including margins and background color or image.

Together the page template and layouts create the structure of the page, and provided areas where content can be added. 

To add content to a site page, you drag and drop one or more gadgets into layout cells. A gadget can be used to display custom content such as text or a picture, or to display dynamic content such as a membership registration form, a blog, or a list of upcoming events.

For each gadget, you can control its appearance and behavior by adjusting its gadget settings.

For guidelines on designing mobile-friendly site pages, click here.


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