Job Board Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Accessing your new job board

Use the URL provided in the email to open the job board in your browser. Log in as an administrator using your WildApricot account credentials. The login is located in the far right corner at the top of the screen. 

When you log in as an administrator, a Manage dropdown menu will appear.

Select the Settings option in the Manage dropdown menu.

Step 2: Branding

It's important to match your job board to your organization's brand. On the Branding and Colors screen, you can upload your organization's logo, customize the page banner, and select a color theme.

To configure the Branding and Colors settings, navigate to Manage > Settings > Branding.

Job Board Logo
Click Upload Organization Logo. Use the Crop Logo tool to size the logo appropriately. You can upload JPG, GIF, or PNG files.

Home Page Banner Message
Click Enable Home Page Banner, then enter a Banner Title and Banner Subtitle for visitors to see. We recommend using as few words as possible. 

Color Themes
Selecting Use dark colored header and footer means the header background for the job board (behind your logo) will appear dark instead of white. Select one of the five color themes, or click Override with Custom Theme in Advanced Settings to choose your own custom colors.

Click Save when you are finished making your branding selections.

Step 3: Pricing

You determine the prices employers pay when they post a job on your job board.  In this section, we've outlined common price ranges that WildApricot organizations typically charge. This information can help you in determining your own prices.

To set prices, navigate to Manage > Settings > Pricing > Pricing & Bundles.

Member Pricing

When you configure your pricing options, you set Member Prices and Non-Member Prices

When employers post a job opening, they can choose to post it for a duration of 30, 60, or 90 days. Employers who are members of your organization can access the Member Price options when they log in to your job board with their membership credentials. 

To help you decide on appropriate pricing, we've analyzed pricing models among WildApricot clients who have added Job Board to their accounts. The most common price ranges are summarized below:

DurationCommon Price Range
for Non-Members
Common Price Range
for Members
30 Days$75 - $300$50 - $150
60 Days$100 - $400$75 - $275
90 Days$200 - $550$135 - $375

After you have set the prices for your job board, click Add Membership Levels to select which Membership Levels from your WildApricot database should get access to member pricing.

Bundle Pricing

You can offer bulk rates for employers who post multiple job openings. Enter the maximum number of posts that you will permit to be purchased for one discounted total price, then enter the Non-Member and Member pricing for that bundle. You can offer bundle pricing for each duration option.

Pricing Add-Ons

Your job board provides two options for employers to upgrade their job postings and make them more visible to potential candidates: Featured Job Postings and Job Posting Distribution Email. These add-on options also increase Job Board revenue for your organization.

Featured Job Postings
When an employer selects the Featured option, their job posting will be highlighted and promoted to the top of your job board as well as published to the Google Jobs Network. 

Typical pricing for the Featured option among WildApricot clients ranges from $100 - $200 per post for Non-Members and from $50 - $150 per post for Members. 

Enter your pricing for the Featured option and then proceed to the Job Distribution Email option below.

Job Posting Distribution Email
Another add-on option that can increase your job board revenue is to offer the Job Posting Distribution Email. When an employer selects this add-on, their job posting will be emailed to all contacts in your database. 

This option does not override any privacy or opt-out settings your individual contacts may have selected within their profiles, and recipients can opt out from future Job Posting emails at any time. For more details, see our Job Posting Distribution article.

To offer the Job Posting Distribution Email as an add-on option, click the toggle and then enter your prices. You can estimate the value of this option based on the number of contacts in your database. 

Step 4: Site Configuration

Navigate to Manage > Settings > Site Configuration. The settings on this screen control the way your job board will appear in search engine results, as well as other operational settings, such as time zone and redirect URLs. 

The following is a brief description of each setting on the Site Configuration screen:

  • Site Header: The text you enter for the Site Header will appear in the browser tab. 
  • Site Description: The text you enter for the Site Description will appear in search engine results as a brief summary of your site and can draw visitors to your job board.
  • Back to Site URL: This is the URL users will land on when they click the Back to Site link in your job board footer.
  • Only allow members to post jobs? With this box checked, only members will be allowed to post jobs, and the Non-Member Price options will disappear.
  • Require a salary range on all job posts: This setting is highly recommended due to laws in many states and countries that require salaries to be posted.
  • Create Account URL: Any URL you enter here will serve as a redirect URL for job board users who click Create an account. The default URL when users click this link is to a page prompting the user to create a special account only for the use of your job board and not for membership in your organization.

  • Privacy Policy URL: Enter the URL for your organization's privacy policy. This will be linked in your job board footer.
  • Send Email Notification on Job Post: The email address you enter in this field will receive an email each time a job is posted to your board.
  • Time zone: Select the time zone for your job board. You should choose the main time zone setting for your organization's headquarters.

Step 5: Integration and Visibility

Now that you have finished setting up your new job board, you'll want to integrate it with your WildApricot website and increase its visibility. 

Check out Job Board Integration and Visibility for easy tips. 


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