Donation receipt

To display your donation receipt settings, hover over the Donations menu then click Donation receipt.

Within the donation receipt settings, you can:

  • control who receives the donation receipt email
  • set the next donation receipt number, and
  • customize the donation receipt email template.

The donation receipt number is automatically incremented each time a new donation is completed. You can set the next donation receipt number to be used, but if you enter a number that is already in use, multiple donation receipts may end up with the same number. The donation receipt number can up to 7 digits in length.

To modify the template used for donation receipt emails, click the View/edit donation receipt template link. You can then click the Send test email button to receive a sample donation receipt email or click the Edit button to begin customizing the template.

When you click the Edit button, the content editor toolbar appears at the top of the screen. Using the content editor, you can customize the template by adding or removing text, graphics, and macros.

To choose a previous email or an email template as the basis for the email, click the Copy from button. To restore the original pre-modified version of the email – the factory default – click the Restore default button.

You can also customize the donation confirmation email by clicking Donation confirmation email under the Donations menu.


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