Enabling event registration

Before you can enable registration for an event, you must save the event, and set up (and enable) at least one ticket type (advanced events only). You can only save an event after entering the event title and start date.

To enable registration after saving the event and setting up at least one ticket type, follow these steps:

  1. Click the event within the events list (if you haven't already opened the event for editing).
  2. In either edit mode or view mode, click the Allow registration toggle so that it appears blue.

With registration enabled, public registration will now be available unless:

  • You have set the event visibility to Admin only. In this case, click the Admin only link and choose a different visibility setting.
  • The event's registration limit has been reached.
  • The event occurs in the past.
  • The current date is not within the event's specified registration period (simple events), or within the specified registration period for any ticket types (advanced events).

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