Payments & refunds list

To view a list of payments, donations, and refunds, click Payments & refunds under the Finances menu.

From the Payments & refunds screen, you can:

  • view transaction details
  • refund payments
  • view payment reports
  • export payment information

For each transaction, the following information is displayed:

  • transaction date
  • contact
  • transaction description
  • transaction amount
  • transaction status (whether the payment or refund was settled)

If a payment has an available balance, you can click the Settle button to match the payment against an invoice. See Settling payments to invoices for more information.

Filtering the list

You can filter the list to display certain types of transactions, or transactions within a certain time period. To filter the list by transaction type, click the Filter list and choose a transaction type or payment type.

To filter by date, click the Date filter list, or enter your own date range in the calendar controls, then click Apply.

You can further filter the list by entering a Search string to be matched. Only records with the specified string will be displayed.


The following options are available from the Payment & refunds screen:

  • Record payment
    Manually record a payment
  • Add refund
    Manually record a refund
  • Payments report
    Generate a report summarizing payments, donations, and refunds, filtered by date range, payment type, and status
  • Export to Excel
    Export the transaction list to Excel
  • Export to QuickBooks
    Export the transaction list to QuickBooks


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