Member access to their profile

Members can use the My profile settings to modify their user experience with your WildApricot website.

Accessing member profiles

Members can access their profiles by logging in to the WildApricot site.

A link to the member's profile will appear after login. Depending on your website theme and design, the link can appear as the user's name, as a profile icon, or as a View profile link.

Editing member profiles

Members can make changes to their profiles by following these steps:

1. Select View profile or the member name link.

2. Select Edit profile and make changes.

Note: The Edit profile button will not appear for any member whose status is not active.

3. Select Save.

Admins can customize this page in Website > System pages > Contact profile > Edit.

Member profile privacy settings

The profile Privacy settings allow a member to specify what information is visible to everyone, visible only to other members, or hidden from everyone.

Note: If a lock icon appears beside a field, the admin has locked the privacy settings for that field, and members cannot change their individual privacy setting for that field.

 To learn more about admin controls for this setting, see Member privacy settings.

Member profile photo albums

Using the Member photo albums tab in My profile, members can create photo albums within their member profile and upload images to them. 

For more information, see Member photo albums.

Event registrations

Members can view all their current and past event registrations within their profile with the My event registrations tab.

Members can cancel their event registrations by clicking the registration within the list and then selecting Cancel registration.

Registrants can only cancel registrations if the admin setting allows it. For more information, see Canceling registrations by registrants.

Note: Canceling a paid registration within My profile will automatically void the registration invoice and generate a credit in the registrant's account. 

Invoices and payments

Members can view payment history and make payments on invoices in My profile > Invoices and payments. For more information, see Paying invoices.


The Donations tab displays all donations for the member or contact, whether a one-time donation or recurring donations. Subscriptions for recurring donations appear at the top.

Users can select Stop next to a recurring donation if they wish to discontinue the subscription.

My directory profile

Members can select My directory profile to preview how their public profile is displayed to others based on their privacy settings.

Administrators can customize the appearance of public profile pages by modifying the Member public profile system page.


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