Membership levels


Create multiple membership levels, each with different membership fees, benefits, and renewal policies. Membership levels define and distinguish different types of members within your organization.

Assigning a membership level to a contact identifies the contact as a member within your database. A member can only be assigned to one membership level at a time.

You can use your membership levels to limit access to certain website pages, events, and event ticket types. Inclusion in a member directory can also be restricted by membership level. 

Membership level types

There are two types of membership levels: Individual levels and Bundle levels.

Individual memberships are the kinds of memberships that individual persons, or contacts, can join. You can set up an unlimited number of individual levels, each with different membership fees, subscription periods, renewal policies, and benefits. 

The instructions on this page help you to create Individual membership levels.

A bundle membership provides the opportunity for a group of people, such as a family or a business, to join your organization together. One person in the group becomes the bundle coordinator and manages the membership. The group shares a single renewal date and pays one membership fee, all handled by the bundle coordinator.

To learn how to create a bundle membership level, see our article about Membership bundles.

Individual levels

Bundle levels

Members are added

By themselves or by an admin

By the bundle coordinator or by an admin

Status, renewal date, membership fee



Membership fee is charged to the


Bundle coordinator

Create a new individual membership level

To set up a new individual membership level, follow these steps:

  1. Select Members from the admin sidebar menu and select Levels from the top menu.
  2. Click Add level in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Under the General tab, provide a name for the membership level, such as "Gold," in the Name field. Do not use a name that includes the < symbol. It may interfere with online payment processing.
  4. For Type, select Individual.
  5. Enter an amount for the Membership fee and choose whether to apply your tax settings to the fee. For free memberships, enter a value of 0. 
  6. Configure your Payment method options for the level. The options available are determined by your Payment settings.
  7. Provide an optional Description for the level. The description text entered in this field will appear with other level details on your membership application form.
  8. Configure the Level security options. You can choose to let anyone in the general public to apply to this level. You can also choose whether or not to allow members of this level to change membership levels and specify which levels they can switch to.
    View our article on Changing membership levels for more details.
  9. Click the Renewal policy tab and configure the membership renewal settings for the level.
    View our article on Membership renewal settings for step-by-step instructions.
  10. Click the New applications tab and configure the application settings.
    View our article on the New applications tab for step-by-step instructions.
  11. After you have configured all settings, click Save in the top left corner of the screen. 

Delete a membership level

To delete a membership level, navigate to Members > Levels. On the Membership level list, find the name of the level you want to delete. 

Click the name of the level to open its details screen, then select Delete in the upper left corner of the screen. 

  • You cannot delete a membership level if members are currently assigned to it. 
  • You cannot delete a membership level if it is the last remaining level for your site.
  • Deleting a membership level will remove those membership details from the records of suspended members and archived contacts who had previously been members at that level.


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