Contacts and Members in your WildApricot database

  • Everyone in your WildApricot database is a contact. A contact can be a member, an event attendee, a donor, a newsletter subscriber, or any combination of these roles.
  • Members are a special type of contact. They can access members-only pages and events, and their contact records include membership-related fields, such as renewal date and member status.
  • A contact becomes a member when they are assigned a Membership level. View our Membership levels article for details.
  • Contacts can be added to your database in bulk with an imported spreadsheet. Contacts can also be added through certain interactions on your website, by attending your events, or by an administrator entering a contact's information manually. For more information, see Adding contacts manually.
  • Members can be added in all of the same ways that regular contacts can be added. Members can also submit a membership application form on your website.
  • You can create multiple membership Levels, each with different membership fees, renewal settings, and benefits.
  • You can customize your contact database – and your forms – by adding, modifying, reordering, and deleting database fields. To learn how, view Adding and modifying dtabase fields.
  • You can offer discounted membership fees to companies, teams, or families by setting up membership bundle levels. For details, see Membership bundles.
  • You can organize members from different membership levels into member Groups according to their interests or participation in committees. View Member groups for details.
  • You can automate the membership renewal process with timed reminders and actions. To fully automate the renewal process, you can also configure automatic payments for your members. See Membership renewal settings for a deeper dive.


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