Version 8.4.0 Release

Released on December 6, 2023. Updates described below may not be immediately available. To view the latest version of WildApricot in your browser, clear your cache

What's new

Updates to our Zapier integrations

We enhanced the invoicing triggers we provide on Zapier to help you build seamless integrations between your WildApricot database and Quickbooks.

We also added a Zapier button on the Apps screen in the admin view.

To learn more, see Zapier integrations.

Billing feature update 

Previously, there were limitations to the changes you could make to your subscription plan or billing period without the help of our support agents. This release introduces some backend changes to our billing system that are designed to put more control in your hands. 

As these changes roll out, you'll soon be able to view billing statements, download invoices, and update your payment information within your account details. 

While most of the Billing feature updates included in this release are changes made to the workflow behind the scenes, a fresh new look for the Billing user experience is scheduled for early 2024. 

Changes to online payments for trial accounts

Clients using free trial accounts who have not yet configured online payments will need to upgrade to a paid subscription in order to take advantage of this feature.

Follow the upgrade prompts within your trial account to select a paid subscription plan or email to learn more.

Feature enhancements

Widget performance

We've improved the backend design of our Website widgets so they'll function more smoothly when third-party cookies are disabled.

API improvements

Guest registration added to Admin and Member APIs

This release includes updates to the Admin and Member APIs, laying the groundwork for the ability to manage guest registrations for events in the mobile apps.

Forgot password

We're making it easier to reset forgotten passwords on the mobile apps. This release includes API developments in preparation for a new feature that lets you reset your password using a code you receive via text message or email.

To learn more about our APIs, view WildApricot's APIs in our help center.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented profile photos from being displayed when user profiles were accessed through a widget
  • Implemented a fix for scheduled newsletter emails that were not delivered but were listed as delivered in the Newsletters section of the account Dashboard
  • Addressed an issue causing the Mobile App for Admins to display incorrect numbers for event RSVPs
  • Fixed a problem that caused an internal error when admins tried to access member profiles in specific membership levels
  • Corrected a problem affecting the results of saved searches in the member directory gadget
  • Fixed a bug that prevented admins from receiving the 2FA authentication email if they had emailing disabled in their profile settings
  • Implemented a fix for timeout errors that occurred when admins tried to export a very large number of archived contacts in one instance
  • Addressed an issue that prevented admins from updating or creating numeric field types through an import
  • Improved the way primary domain names are listed in the domain name management screen
  • Fixed a problem that was causing incorrect guest registration totals to be shown in the Mobile App for Members
  • Solved a problem that caused the system to send the Renewal Pending email immediately when a member initiated renewal with the online payment option, rather than waiting to send it when online payment was not completed after 15 minutes
  • Repaired a problem that produced incorrect search results in the Contacts List for some accounts


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