Generating job board newsletters


It's important to establish an engaged audience for your job board, consisting of both employers and job seekers in your industry. Emailing a newsletter on a regular schedule can help with this. Personify's Job Board offers a free Newsletter Generator to keep your contacts updated on the hottest job postings.


To set up a job board newsletter, first you'll need to copy some HTML code from your job board, then you'll configure the email in your WildApricot account using the copied code.

Part 1: In Job Board

1. Log in to your job board as an administrator and navigate to Manage > Newsletter Generator

2. The default setting for the Newsletter Generator is to display the 5 most recent job postings in the newsletter content. If you prefer to manually select individual jobs for the newsletter, click Customize Newsletter near the bottom of the screen and make your selections in the popup window that appears. 

3. Click Copy My Newsletter Code. The newsletter's HTML code will be saved to your clipboard. Do not click the checkbox to Include newsletter template design. You will paste the copied newsletter code into your WildApricot email editor in Part 2, below.

Important Note: Do not click the checkbox to Include newsletter template design. This feature is not compatible with the WildApricot email editor.

Part 2: In WildApricot

1. Sign in to your WildApricot account as an admin, navigate to Communication > Email, and click Compose email

2. Select an email template for the newsletter. We recommend using the Basic > Simple template.

3. In the email editor, click Add layout, then drag and drop the Custom HTML gadget into the new layout placeholder. 

4. In the Custom HTML settings panel on the right side of the screen, click Add HTML code. This opens the code editor in a popup window. 

5. In the window that appears, paste the code you copied from the Newsletter Generator (in Step 3 of Part 1, above). You can expect to see between 180 - 190 lines of code. Click Save at the top of the popup window. 

6. In the email editor, you should see the rendering of the newsletter content in the spot where you placed the Custom HTML gadget. Above this, the Basic > Simple email template includes a content gadget with macros that will automatically include the first and last name for each contact. There is also a space for you to add a brief message. Remember to remove the <> markers when adding your message content.

7. Click Preview to see how the email will appear to recipients. You can also click Send a test to email yourself a copy. 

8. If everything looks good in the Preview, click Recipients. If not, use the back (<) arrow or click Design at the top of the screen to return to the editor.

9. In Recipients, enter a brief Subject, then click + Contact list

10. A popup window will appear where you can select the contacts you want to receive the job board newsletter. Click Add selection at the bottom of the window when you are finished.

Pro Tip: We recommend selecting All contacts. Any contacts in your database who have opted out of receiving emails will automatically be omitted.

11. Check the recipients, subject, and other settings for accuracy, then click Review and Send at the top of the screen. On the next screen, you will have an opportunity to make further changes and to schedule the newsletter's delivery before the email is actually sent.

12. In Delivery setup, you can choose to send the newsletter immediately or to schedule a future time and date for delivery. If you choose a future time and date, click Schedule and it will be sent at the specified time. If you select Send it now and then click the Send button, the newsletter will be emailed immediately.

The email will appear in your Emails list, located in Communication > Email.

When recipients get the newsletter email and click on a job, it will take them straight to the page with that job's description on your job board. 


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