How do I create a WildApricot account?

To create a new WildApricot account, go to, complete the form that appears, then click the Activate your WildApricot account button at the bottom.

Organization types

Within the sign-up form, you click the Organization type drop-down to indicate the kind of organization you represent. Based on your choice, a different default site with be loaded, with organization-specific content and a particular website theme. If you choose Other (blank template), a blank site with no default content will be loaded.

The table below shows which website theme is loaded for each organization type.

Organization type(s)
Website theme
  • Association - Business Trade
  • Association - Community/HOA
  • Association - Professional
  • Church or Religious Community
  • Club - Service
  • Club - Special Interest or Social
  • Event/Conference
  • Political/Advocacy
  • Subscription Site
  • Support/Assistance Service
Whiteboard - Maya Blue
  • Association - Chamber of Commerce
  • Association - Teacher
Tinted Tiles - Azure
  • Association - Health
Showcase - Teal
  • Association - Student/Alumni/PTA
  • Other (blank template)
Tinted Tiles - Skyfall
  • Club - Sport
Fiesta - Garden Salad
  • Foundation or Charity
Skyline - Midtown

60-day free trial

When you open a WildApricot account, you automatically get a free 60-day trial. Your trial account has full access to WildApricot functionality at the Community billing plan level, with a few differences.




Max # of administrators



Overall storage limit100 MB2 GB

Use custom domain?



If you do not upgrade (or delete your account) before your trial period expires, your free trial account will be deleted automatically. For an overview of functionality by billing plan, click here. For instructions on upgrading your account, click here.


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