Mobile App for Members (Android): A Guide for Admins

WildApricot's mobile app for members allows members and other contacts to log in and view content drawn from your WildApricot site on their mobile devices. 

Any Contact with a login for your WildApricot site, whether they are a member or not, can access your member app.

You can control whether the app can access data from your site and what content appears on the app.

Before your members can use the mobile app, you must enable it within your WildApricot settings. 

To enable the mobile app for members, follow these steps:

1. Select Apps on the admin sidebar menu.

2. In Apps, select Mobile app for members.

3. Select Enable member app and then Save.

You can learn about specific settings for the mobile app on our Mobile app settings page.

WildApricot's mobile app for members requires Android version 5.1 or later.

What can your members do with the member app?

  • Renew their membership or cancel a pending renewal
  • View a member directory
  • View another member's profile
  • Email their fellow members
  • View a calendar of upcoming events
  • View details of upcoming events
  • Add event to their device calendar
  • Register for an event and pay the registration fee
  • Join a waitlist for an event that has reached its registration limit
  • Specify the number of guests (if the ticket type was set up to collect the total number of guests only)
  • View their existing event registrations
  • Cancel an existing event registration (if your site administrator has enabled this option for your ticket type)
  • Pay an outstanding event registration fee
  • View and update their own member profile
  • View their membership card

What can't your members do with the member app?

  • Specify contact or registration information for guests

Downloading the member app

To download the WildApricot member app for Android, tap here.

Logging in

When your members first open the member app, they will be asked to log in using the same email address and password they use to access your WildApricot site.

If there are multiple WildApricot accounts associated with their email address and password, members will be then asked to choose the organization they want to log into.

After logging in, members will be asked to agree to the terms of use, if they haven’t already done so on the browser version of WildApricot.

Members can log out of the app from the main menu.

Navigating the member app

Depending on your settings, the WildApricot mobile app for members can consist of the following modules: Profile, Members, Events, and Tickets. When members first log in to the app, they are taken to the Profile module.

To jump to another module, swipe from the left and tap the module name from the menu that appears. 

To log out of the member app, members tap Log out.

Renewing memberships

On the member's profile tab, an option to renew will appear, along with the date of their next renewal.

If the member's renewal date is within a week, the message indicating the number of days to renewal will appear, along with a Renew button they can tap to start the renewal process.

If the member enabled notifications from the app, renewal reminder messages will also appear on their device's notification panel.

If their membership has expired, a message to that effect will appear.

When the member taps the Renew button, a screen will appear where they can review and update their membership details. If a discount coupon was enabled for membership renewals for the current membership level, a field will appear where the member can enter the coupon code.

After the member taps the Continue button at the bottom of the screen, they will have the option to pay online or get invoiced, depending on whether you have enabled those options for the current membership level. 

If the member chooses to be invoiced, an option will appear on their profile tab to complete the renewal process by paying online.

Cancel a pending membership renewal

Members can cancel a pending membership renewal they have initiated but not yet paid. 

If a member selects Cancel renewal instead of Pay renewal invoice, the renewal will be canceled, the invoice will be voided, and their renewal date will stay the same.

Viewing member profiles

Members can view their member profile by tapping Profile from the main menu.

From their member profile, members can view their membership card by tapping My card.

Viewing the member directory

Unless you have disabled it within your mobile app settings, members can view your member directory by tapping Members from the main menu.

Within your app settings, you can control which kinds of members appear within the directory. Members who have set their profiles to private within their privacy settings will not appear regardless of your settings.

Tapping on a member within the directory will display that member's profile (subject to their privacy settings).

To send an email message to the member, tap the member's email address.

Viewing the events list

Unless you have disabled it within your mobile app settings, members can view an event calendar showing upcoming events by tapping Events within the main menu.

A ticket icon will appear beside events for which the member is already registered.

Tapping any of the events within the list will display the details of that event.

To add the event to their calendar app, the member taps Add to calendar. They'll be asked for permission to access their calendar.

Tapping on the location within the event details will display the location within their map app.

To view the event description, the member taps the Info tab.

To view the registrants who have agreed to have their names listed, tap the Registrants tab.

If the event has multiple sessions, the member can tap the Sessions tab to view session details.

Members can register for the event by tapping the Register button beside the appropriate ticket type. 

The registration form will appear, along with options to specify the number of guests and indicate whether the registrant wants to appear within the public list of event registrants.

Registrants cannot specify the number of guests if the ticket type was set up to collect contact information or full registration information.

Once they complete the registration form and tap Continue, their payment options will appear. Depending on the payment method chosen when the event was set up, members might see Invoice me and/or Pay online buttons.

Once they click a payment option and complete the registration, their registration will appear within their Tickets module.

If the option to automatically delete an event registration if not paid within 15 minutes is enabled, a countdown will appear indicating the number of minutes left.

Joining the waitlist for an event

If an admin has enabled a registration limit and waitlist in the Ticket types & settings for the event, then members can join the waitlist through the app. Admins can enable the waitlist option for entire events or for specific ticket types. 

When an event or ticket type has reached its registration limit, and the admin has enabled a waitlist, the member will see a Join waitlist prompt next to the ticket type in place of the Register prompt. 

Viewing event tickets

Members can view their existing event tickets by tapping Tickets within the main menu.

Tapping one of the tickets within the list will display the event registration details.

If the event registration fee is not fully paid, members can tap the Pay button to pay the fee online.

To cancel an event registration, a member clicks the Cancel button within the event details. 

The option to cancel a registration is only available if you have enabled it for the ticket type.

They'll be asked to confirm their request to cancel the event registration.

To display the QR code to scan for quick event check-in, tap the QR code option.

Supporting your member app

For instructions on using the Android version of the mobile app for members, click here. You might want to share this page with your members because WildApricot provides support to site administrators but not to your members.


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